Player’s Code of Conduct

• Play fairly and do their best and enjoy themselves

• Respect fellow team members regardless of ability, cultural or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs

• Support fellow team members regardless of whether they do well or not

• Represent their team, their Club and their family with pride and dignity

• Show loyalty and respect to players and selectors of Na Dúnaibh Bord na nÓg

• Accept the discipline of sport and accept selectors and referees decisions

• Know that posting of disrespectful / abusive comments / inappropriate images of / by players / mentors / parents on social media is unacceptable

• Know that racial or verbal abuse of a team-mate or opposition player / referee / selectors is not acceptable and is punishable by suspension

• Attend punctually at the time and place notified

• Attend all games and training sessions for which they have been notified. Excuses for non-attendance will be accepted provided:

– An excuse is valid

– The excuse is given to the selectors in good time prior to the event

– It is a matter of courtesy that parents reply to match notifications sent by respective coaches. It also allows for the smooth organisation of team affairs

• Know that consistent disruptive behaviour that could have a negative impact on the squad during training sessions / matches is unacceptable

• Know that the club demands respect for selectors and club property, also proper conduct on the premises itself is expected as well as conduct when entering and leaving the club. This also applies to hosting clubs property on away matches

• Be conscious of the cost of replacing club gear, equipment and property removed from the club. Assistance should be given to coaches after games and training sessions to gather gear.

• Know that teams play to numbers where possible

• Respect all Coaches, Officials, Parents and their opponents

• Be gracious in defeat and modest in victory

• Shake hands before and after a game as part of the Give Respect Get Respect initiative,irrespective of the result